Dead Head Logging is a leader in the recovery of sinker heart pine and cypress since 1999. Legal recovery of sinker logs has been allowed through a permit issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. At this time all of our logs are legally recovered from Florida rivers.

These near extinct giants have been preserved by the (tanic) river water for decades sealed in a perfect environment for hundreds of years.

Our extensive inventory consists of sinker logs, reclaimed barn wood, cut lumber, and our newest edition, end grain (rounds).

John Claytor has one of the best reputations in the business of harvesting sinker logs. The ability to locate, salvage, and process these logs keeps Dead Head Logging and John Claytor focused on being the best and supplying the best for our customers. The unique charter, enriched with the history is the reason sinker logs are unsurpassed by all other reclaimed wood.

It's the most difficult, most dangerous, and most labor intensive of all logging, but the end result is worth each day, hour, and minute it takes. John Claytor, diver of florida rivers since 1965, has over 10,000 underwater hours.

30 years sawmill experience
Master dead head logger since 1999
Custom, one-of-a-kind projects are our specialty
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